The Dark Side

A hispter at the day and ahjuma at night!
This is my alter ego! This is where I hide my kpop does!
Currently addicted to WGM 2Young couple!

[Ep33] Let’s date like ordinary couple…for the last time.

Because I wanna show you to the world. You are my wife, you are my girl.

Park Se Young – 2014 The Star magazine BTS

[Ep33] It’s more then a kiss

When SeYoung accepted the fact that their relationship is finally coming to the end.
WooYoung surprised her with a true kiss on her lip.
It brought more tears to her and put a proud smile on himself.
I believe they know by doing so on the national TV program, this is more then a kiss but also a commitment.
SeYoung couldn’t hold her tears any more.

They way they looked at each other when THE MAN JWYoung kissed her.
If that’s not love then what is?

[Ep33] 5 secs before WooYoung kissed his girl

Did you see the tears in his eyes when he was looking at his girl crying and heartbroken in front of him.


[Ep33] The beginning of the new 2young journey and their kiss

I don’t need to say anything, I love the open ending and their confessions.

I am not sad any more. This is the best WGM ending. This the best WGM couple!

[Ep 33 - the final chapter of 2young] preview photos!

I have no word to say.
Just…….tears….lots of it……

[Ep32] Arms, shoulder, eyes, fingers, her lips then his lips

[Ep32] Call the WGM FBI

Okay…I am bored….so I re-watched the 2young latest episode 2 more times after work today.
(Duh…yeah…surprise!!   I DO have a life~ I am a high-functioning brain damage 2 young shipper who perfectly fit in to the society. Okay…….I sound like a sociopath)

For the 1st gif, do you think WooYoung were holding SeYoung’s hand?
SeYoung was having her left hand coverd her face then I think I see WooYoung’s left hand is reaching SeYoung’s left hand (trying to hold her hand).
They were doing this when eyes closed? So romantic….for variety show!
They must be very comfortable with each other’s body.
(Wait..that sound so wrong. Scratch that!)
It has to be real, right?
Am I seeing thing??

For the 2nd gif, where did SeYoung put her right leg when they were sleeping?
She was wearing skirt that night…
So…I am just curious…Is our 26yr old healthy WooYoung okay?
NOT pervy…     NO! NO! NO!…(Wink wink)
I know what you girl/guys thinking…
…Hey….Don’t judge! 
Saturday is so far away….
Let’s just have some fun and some excuses to re-watch 2young cut 10 times more today.

I need help? Anyone has better eye sight?
Where is the FBI?