The Dark Side

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Park Se Young in 2014 Fashion King movie trailer

SeYoung ah, we miss you!


Can’t snap out of the post-mission card fog   -  We Got Married 237

Park Se Young - MARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE 2014 September 

cr: mhlim098 ssung83 and jenny house

2Young,……I miss you 2 so much!
Please come back to us!
Sob Sob!……
Rolling on the floor and singing: “baby come back…”

[Ep33] Let’s date like ordinary couple…for the last time.

Because I wanna show you to the world. You are my wife, you are my girl.

Park Se Young – 2014 The Star magazine BTS

[Ep33] It’s more then a kiss

When SeYoung accepted the fact that their relationship is finally coming to the end.
WooYoung surprised her with a true kiss on her lip.
It brought more tears to her and put a proud smile on himself.
I believe they know by doing so on the national TV program, this is more then a kiss but also a commitment.
SeYoung couldn’t hold her tears any more.

They way they looked at each other when THE MAN JWYoung kissed her.
If that’s not love then what is?

[Ep33] 5 secs before WooYoung kissed his girl

Did you see the tears in his eyes when he was looking at his girl crying and heartbroken in front of him.


[Ep33] The beginning of the new 2young journey and their kiss

I don’t need to say anything, I love the open ending and their confessions.

I am not sad any more. This is the best WGM ending. This the best WGM couple!